Hello, I’m Lea. I am a Media Architect and my passion for interconnectivity and dynamism means that I focus primarily on interactive and spatial projects. Evolving technology and moving images are at the core of the work that I create as I am fascinated by artistic projections and cinematography. My main focus is small-scale architecture projects for installation, performances, events and the arts. After I graduated in Architecture from the Turin Polytechnic, Italy, I moved to Germany to expand my skillset further. I began to fuse my architectural knowledge with cinema to achieve my Master Studies of Media Architecture at the Bauhaus University. I now work as a freelancer.  The interdisciplinary nature of my work requires fluid coordination with my other teammates, which I enjoy. I am part of the Collettivo EFFE,  a team that explores the application of new technologies in performative spaces. In 2019 I took part in the art program, FusionNow, for which I created a video mapping workshop for children.

Reach out to me at brugnolilea@gmail.com

Professional I’m working with

Architect HALA GHATASHEH  // Product Designer ROY MÜLLER // Design Engineer MARCO CONTE // Producer ALINA LOFTULLINA // Visual Artist TOMMASO RINALDI // Sound Designer ANDREA SPONTONI // Composer ANDREA PILLONI // Videographer DANIELE GIACOMETTI // Photographer MADDALENA ZAMPITELLI // Director GIULIA ODETTO // Composer ALBERTO CIPOLLA // Photographer SANDRA RATKOVIC // Media Server Operator EMANUELE MUSCA // Musician LORENZO ABATTOIR // COMPAGNIA EFFETTO PULLMAN // Visual Artist REVERIE VISUALS // Performing Art Collective EFFE // Visual Artist TANGUERILLA VISUAL POETRY // Musician JULIAN CROATTO // Art Festival COFFI FESTIVAL // Animator VERONICA CARLI // Musician MENION // Musician ATMUNG

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