Video Mapping

Video mapping made for Brillo Festival.

This was the concept for the video mapping: What did the wall represent in the 80’s and how has it transformed itself until today? If the Berlin Wall was the physical expression of the tension between East and West, what or who do the “new walls” separate? What are the new walls in a globalized and interconnected world? From ecological blindness to smart phones that bring us closer to each other as much as they distance us from each other. The reality is that walls are everywhere, and the only way to begin a path toward breaking them down is to identify them.

Brillo Video Mapping Festival is the first festival in Turin dedicated to Video Mapping, one of the most evocative and spectacular performing arts in the contemporary visual and digital sphere.

The initiative, promoted by the Azimut Cultural Association, wants to turn on an official spotlight on the multimedia technology that allows you to project lights and videos on real surfaces and become a public occasion to transform into an expressive key and food for thought all that the walls represent, the main surface on which video mapping is applied, and more generally the barriers and divisions tout court.

EXHIBIT Brillo Festival

PARTNER Associazione Azimut

DOCU Associazione Azimut


VIDEO Lea Brugnoli

SOUND ARTIST Andrea Spontoni

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