Art Program

FusioNNow is an international and intercultural project based on a free contest opened to artistically-inclined people of all nationalities. The prize for contest winners is a place on one of the fabulous tours to beyond the Arctic Circle.
The Nickel Art Residence is an atmospheric platform that sparks creativity. Twice a year the community of Nickel located in the north of the Kola Peninsula and bordering Norway, welcomes artists from all over the world.

The artists offered an art masterclass to the community. The workshop I gave is an introduction to the meaning and the various uses of projection mapping. The participants discover the first steps towards the creation of a project, based on their experiences and their relationships with the city and the territory. They create a concept for a real project. Moreover, through interactive games, they experience on themselves some of the infinite possibilities given by the projections and learn how an interactive projection works.

The other winners of the 2nd FusioNNow international contest:
Monga Mukasa, musician social activist, Australia
Yukio Kondo, artist, Japan
Ole Jorgen Hammeken, Arctic explorer, Denmark
Galya Morrell, artist, Russia

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