SKLAD remains as a symbolic bridge, a vivid link that unites art, technology and science, past, present and future, city and nature by using the language of light. The third edition of SKLAD is relocating in the 2020 to the green splendours of the Skopje city. Focusing creative energies to emphasize the idea of a Green City.

The installation is created to communicate with the surrounding space. The images are animations of water with details of the city. The images will show the contradiction between the well-maintained areas and spaces that can be requalified.

Manipulated sounds (by the sound designer Andrea Spontoni) of water and various musical elements are trapped in the same vortex and mixed to reach a wave of ethereal sounds. 

The installation uses an optical effect called anamorphosis: a distorted image on the ground, which has the correct proportions only when seen reflected on a distorted mirror.

Our innovation is based on the use of moving projected images. The effect is hypnotic and gives the impression of an infinite and continuous movement. The game of perspective asks the public’s eyes to discover the illusion. The installation can be seen as a pleasant magic or its hidden meanings can be looked for.


EXHIBIT Skopje Light Art District 2020


CONCEPT Lea Brugnoli // Anna Torazza

DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION Lea Brugnoli // Anna Torazza


SOUND DESIGN Andrea Spontoni

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