zusammen wachsen: audiovisuelle Perspektiven 22

Live music meet live video animations, which illuminated the north-eastern facade of Erfurt Cathedral as a projection mapping. AV performance with the musician and composer Martin Kohlstedt.

About the visual concept: an idyllic and uniform atmosphere hosts anamorphic forms which flow freely in space, integrating with each other. During the first part of the performance the cathedral facade opens into hill panoramas that are interlaced with macro views of plants, leaves and other natural elements. In addition, during the second part of the performance, as the music takes on more vibrant characters, dissonant metal forms wove into the idyllic scenery. Therefore, the facade of the cathedral expands endlessly to try to contain the geometries that do not want to merge.

Stefan Kraus, co.founder of the NODE Institute, has curated the audiovisual programme for the stage on the cathedral square in Erfurt, Commissioned by the Thuringian State Chancellery, as part of the citizens’ festival for the Day of German Unity 2022.

The 3D projection mapping uses anamorphosis, the image is seemingly distorted and fragmented. However, if the viewer is in the right place, the parts of the image combine with each other and merge into the right perspective representation. In order to be able to map the complex shape of the cathedral façade in detail, the Weimar company digitus.art was commissioned to calculate a 26,000 m² 3D model with 325 million polygons from over 1,500 drone photos.

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VISUALS  Lea Brugnoli

MUSIC Martin Kohlstedt

PHOTO Candy Welz