Live visuals for jazz big band

Stage Design project with live visuals projections created for Monika Roscher Big Band.  Lightweight elements are suspended on stage to project videos that react to the music in real-time. The band’s live show in 2023 featured the light show again as they tour with their wild reinterpretation of the classic big band format in the musical borderlands. A prog big band between Math-Jazz, Avant-Pop and Electronica.

The Monika Roscher Big Band is a dynamic ensemble led by the talented composer and guitarist Monika Roscher. Blending elements of jazz, rock, and contemporary music, the band’s sound is characterized by intricate compositions, bold arrangements, and virtuosic performances. With a diverse lineup of musicians, including brass, woodwinds, and rhythm section, the ensemble creates a powerful and immersive musical experience that pushes the boundaries of big band tradition.

LOCATION Hubertussaal Nürnberg / Maschinenhaus Berlin / Munich 


MUSIC Monika Roscher


VJ Lea Brugnoli