“Epizon” Interactive Performance

Three performers inhabit a space that is a symbiotic union between technology and nature. They interact with each other and with the space using a precise pattern of rules. In this very structured vital condition, the individual nevertheless wants to express himself in his uniqueness. The performance unfolds in an alternation between acceptance of the structure in which the living being is inserted, but by which he feels crushed, and the rejection of this scheme in an attempt to emerge and create.

Thanks to HART, a device that amplifies the heartbeat, the movements are translated into sound performance. Secondly, the musical composition triggers a visual performance through the use of video mapping.
The heart is the central element: a symbol of humanity and listening to oneself, but also an element of contact with the technological aspect.
Epizòn investigates the concept of creative natural selection, where the performative elements that survive from the various attempts at dialogue (with space, with other individuals, with technology) become the basis for a new language.

Collective EFFE was born in 2018 within “Compagnia Effetto Pullman”, a young theater company based in Turin. After the project, “Avesta” (a theatrical show with a strong technological character) a part of the team wanted to deepen the connection between performance and design at a technological level and not necessarily in the theatrical field. It is on this theme that the “EFFE collective” is currently focused, composed by Giulia Odetto, director/performer, Lorenzo Abbatoir, sound artist, Lea Brugnoli, architect/video artist and Marco Conte, designer and graphic designer.



DOCU FOTO Francesca Botta

DOCU VIDEO Lea Brugnoli

DIRECTOR Giulia Odetto

SOUND DESIGNER Lorenzo Abattoir



PERFORMERS Greta Cisternino, Cecilia Francesca Croce, Lidia Luciani

CREATION ASSISTANT Valentina Spaletta Tavella

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