“Riflessi” Light Installation 

The installation uses an effective optical illusion called anamorphosis: on the floor a distorted image, which on the mirror looks right. Our innovation is based on projecting moving images on the floor, instead of the classic painted one. The effect is hypnotic. The images seem to flow infinitely.

We located the installation in an abandoned fountain, the topic was about the maintenance of public green areas and the use of public water in Rome. 

Sound is used like a liquid mantra, trying to catch the ever-changing nature of fluids.
Manipulated water sounds and musical elements are caught in the same whirlpool, and mixed to surge in a stream of aethereal sounds.

RGB is a ‘innovative experience of urban space that it allows you to show the city in a new light and, at the same time, a pole of artistic and cultural interest in highly contemporary sense and avant-garde, capable of attracting the interest of a wide audience of artists and professionals from Italy and abroad.

The festival is therefore a ‘at convergence it’s a’glocal experience to promote the area: with the ability to involve the local community and attract creative personality and active international reality, creates a favorable environment for the development of new networking networks and it helps to generate new artistic relationships between the city of Rome and its external.

ORGANIZER RGB Light Experience Rome

FURTHER ARTISTS Alessio Spirli // Jeremy Oury // Fabio Pulsinelli // Marco Brianza // Massimo Burgio // MediaMash Studio // Quantum Lab //Simona Noera //Anonima Luci Studio // Sebastiano Romano // Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma // Eleonora Fantini // Quiet Ensemble

CONCEPT Lea Brugnoli e Anna Torazza

DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION Lea Brugnoli e Anna Torazza



SOUND DESIGN Andrea Spontoni

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